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Introducing a solution for Business Owners and Astute and Savvy Buyers. Designed to cut through all the confusion, and offer you a visually impressive website in the simplest and most affordable process possible.

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The R 999 Web Design Offer

Simple websites has a simple goal. We want to present you with a clear and simple way to get your own website.

Get your own website that is designed with the most modern and sophisticated technology currently trending. We want to remove the mumbo jumbo and jargon. We want to remove the hidden costs and terms.

So first things first. What does this offer entail ? Quite literally everything ! This offer includes all you could need to get your own website in one package and includes, The Web Design, The Hosting costs for a full 12 months, as well the domain registration, setup, admin and maintenance costs, all included in one package with no hidden costs, other than what you see. On top of what is an amazing deal, we have sought to capture lightning in a bottle in appearance as well. Our design practices are in line with the best. That means you not only get an affordable website, but one that is visually stunning to boot !

This offer includes :

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Web Design

Effective web design has both a stylistic element to it as well as a technical aspect. We will ensure your own website is both visually striking and designed as per the latest web standards.

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Monthly Hosting

Most if not all Web Design packages tend to deal with the design without catering for the hosting as well. We build this into one simple and cost effective package as a one stop shop.

A Bright Globe, numbered three and emblazoned with the words Hosting, acting as an Icon representing Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Included in this package is the domain registration costs that will entitle you to your own vanity domain. It can be whatever you want, for free, as long as it is available in the domain.


  • Web Design
  • All included in the Package
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Superior Design
  • Uses Bootstrap
  • Designed in the latest HTML 5 Specification
  • Sign Up
  • Web Hosting
  • All included in the Package
  • 12 Months Hosting
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth quota included
  • Sign Up
  • Domain Registration
  • All included in the Package
  • All Admin
  • Technical support
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Free Domain registration
  • Sign Up

Live examples of this Offer

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Legal Website

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Plumbing Website

And here's one of a Plumbing Business.

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Thumbnail Image that links to a Plumbing Website

Learning Website

And one for a Learning Business.

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